LIQUI MOLY to Sponsor Hockey Championship

LIQUI MOLY will be the official sponsor of this year’s IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The event is set for May 4-20 in Copenhagen and Herning, Denmark.

“The Ice Hockey World Championship organized by the IIHF is the biggest annual winter sports event and the ideal closing point for our multi-million advertising measures this season,” said Peter Baumann, marketing director at LIQUI MOLY. “Such advertising cooperation strengthens our publicity in the domestic market and globally. And because we hereby bring viewers that we would not reach with our motorsports involvement closer to the LIQUI MOLY brand, we are rapidly expanding our brand awareness.”

LIQUI MOLY’s logo will make multiple appearances at the two world championship arenas in Copenhagen and Herning. It will be seen on a rink-side board visible on television, on all official printed materials and partition walls, as well as in the advertising clips shown on the stadium cubes. LIQUI MOLY will also be a sponsorship partner at the World Championship taking place in Slovakia in 2019.

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