LIQUI MOLY Donates Car Care Products to First Responders, Frontline Workers

LIQUI MOLY has completed a donation campaign that gave over 20,000 packages of free products to rescue services, fire brigades and frontline workers, the company announced.

The donation campaign started at the beginning of April with a volume of one million euro. The goal: To support first responders around the world in the fight against the coronavirus. With the products supplied free of charge, LIQUI MOLY wanted to relieve the financial burden on fire brigades, hospitals, rescue services, “meals on wheels”, food banks, mobile care services as well as first-aid organizations and many other non-profit associations, so that they could procure other necessary equipment, the company said.

“We have provided what we do best: oils, additives and other car care products,” says LIQUI MOLY Managing Director Ernst Prost. “After all, the operational reliability of the emergency vehicles is a high priority. Rescue services and fire brigades can’t even get to the emergency site without motor oil. That is why our products, however much they work in secret, are important for the functioning of our healthcare system.”

Fire brigades, rescue services and aid organizations from around the world expressed interest. So much so that the donation campaign did not remain limited to Germany. The company set up a similar program for the international market.

In total, almost 15,000 inquiries were received at the company headquarters in Ulm, resulting in more than 13,000 orders and over 22,000 packages. The initial amount was not sufficient for this, which is why the aid program was increased twice to a total of five million euro in Germany alone.

In the end, the sum was an incredible 5.6 million euro. Not included: the costs for picking, shipping and free delivery worldwide.

“Many people work hard every day to prevent the corona crisis from spreading. For these frontline helpers, our donation is a genuine relief,” said Prost. “The financial situation of all rescue forces and organizations is strained and every expenditure that does not have to be made is a huge help for the women and men in the service of society. The corona crisis also showed which services and products are indispensable and how many things are connected without it being noticed right away.”

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