LIQUI MOLY to Compete at the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada

German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY, together with Policaro Motorsport, will compete in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Yokohama.

“This is our biggest motorsport commitment to date in Canada,” said Sebastian Zelger, director of LIQUI MOLY USA. “Sponsorship not only serves advertising, but also product testing. What’s proven itself on the race track also protects the engine on the road.”

Policaro Motorsport is competing for the title with two 460 horsepower 991 GT3 Cup Porsches. In this series, there are five races in Canada and one in the U.S. Jeff Kingsley won the first race of the season in Bowmanville, Ontario.

European import vehicles require special oils with unique characteristics.

“LIQUI MOLY oils are officially approved by automobile manufacturers, including Porschek,” the company stated in a news release. “This is the highest seal of quality that an oil can receive. That’s why the Porsche Centre Oakville, Ontario, which stands behind Policaro Motorsport, relies on LIQUI MOLY for its service.”

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