LINE-X XS-100 Polyurea Earns Approval for Military Use

Line-xLINE-X, an IXS Coatings Company and developer of durable, field-proven polyurea coatings for consumer, commercial and defense applications, has announced one of its polyurea hybrid formulations, LINE-X XS-100, has received approval from the DOD CARC Commodity Office at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in accordance with Military Performance Specification 32440 (MIL-PRF-32440). The rigorous testing and evaluation process confirm LINE-X XS-100 has the physical characteristics required to resist chip, impact, wear and abrasion throughout the lifecycle of the application. With its inclusion to the Qualified Product Database, XS-100 is now officially approved for use on all applications that specify a MIL-PRF-32440 compliant high build polyurea barrier coating.

“It is reassuring to know that one of our most effective protective coatings, XS-100, is verified and validated for meeting the requirements for MIL-PRF 32440 by the Department of the Army,” said Steve Decker, vice president of business development. “Achieving approval is a milestone for our company and testament to the strength and durability of a coating that has been trusted for over 25 years.”

This qualification approves the use of XS-100 by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. Specifically, the U.S. Marine Corps relies upon protection provided by XS-100 on the torsion bars of its Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV). The 7-foot, 130-pound torsion bars are mounted underneath the tracked vehicle and are a critical component to the suspension system that must endure harsh conditions as it travels in the ocean and over rough terrain beach landings.  While under dynamic load, these bars are continually twisting up to 70 degrees in each direction. AAV torsion bars require specialized protection to operate effectively in such extreme conditions. As a high-performing, hybrid polyurea, LINE-X XS-100 has physical characteristics that provide a balance of impact protection, abrasion resistance and flexibility required for the harsh and corrosive environments these bars must operate within. Since the introduction of XS-100 as a protective coating solution over 12 years ago, thousands of AAV bars have been sprayed with zero known field failures.

Recently, LINE-X XS-100 was selected by Growler Manufacturing and Engineering as the exterior coating for its Mobile Tactical Welding Shop (MTWS), a trailer with multiple welding capabilities designed to be used in forward operating positions. The coating has also been used on other tactical vehicles, ground support equipment, air/watercraft components and weapon systems illustrating the trust and confidence of XS-100 in harsh combat conditions.

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