Lincoln Electric’s Teaching Aid Toolbox Brings Lessons to Class

Lincoln Electric's curriculum in a cabinetWelding instructors can take advantage of the new curriculum in a cabinet from Lincoln Electric. The Teaching Aid Toolbox is a ready-made instructional resource that contains a number of visual aids for use in the classroom.

This mobile cabinet comes fully stocked with a comprehensive array of tools and accessories from various welding and cutting processes to help bring the curriculum typically associated with a shop setting into the classroom. The Teaching Aid Toolbox is fully supported with Lincoln Electric U/LINC curriculum.

Also included are the Cutaway Harris gas regulator and oxyfuel torch to allow students to get familiar with the tools’ structure, operation and application. Additionally, a set of weld sample coupons allow educators to illustrate welding joints and typical beads and weld discontinuity flashcards help explain common weld flaws.

“At Lincoln Electric, we know that teaching is about connecting with your students. The Teaching Aid Toolbox allows you to help them experience welding and cutting tools before they go to the lab,” said Jason Scales, business manager for Lincoln Electric. “If a student can see a tool and hold it in his or her hand, the learning experience immediately shifts to a higher level and the result is a greater depth of understanding.”

Students enter the learning environment with different learning styles. The contents of the Teaching Aid Toolbox are ideal for any learning style, including visual and tactile, according to Lincoln Electric. By bringing actual welding and cutting tools into the classroom, instructors can better illustrate the principles of each process.

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For more information on the Teaching Aid Toolbox, view brochure MC17.47 at

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