Lincoln Electric’s NC3 Partnership Poised to Raise Welding Education Standards

nc3Lincoln Electric has partnered with the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) on a multifaceted plan set to raise welding education standards across the nation and beyond.

According to the organization, NC3 is a non-profit network of education providers and corporations focused on bridging the gap between education and industry workforce needs.

“We are excited to have this partnership with NC3,” said Jason Scales, business manager for Lincoln Electric’s education products and services. “This will provide us with an incredible platform to share Lincoln Electric’s more than 100 years-worth of knowledge in welding training, research and instruction with these institutions and redefine what a quality welding education program should look like.”

Under the new partnership, NC3 will have the authorization to administer Lincoln Electric’s Education Partnerships Schools (LEEPS) program and offer new certifications to provide community colleges, technical schools and other post-secondary trade schools with a complete suite of portable, stackable national welding certifications, the organization noted.

“As part of the agreement, NC3 will develop and issue the LEEPS program’s world-class industry certifications, ensuring strong national standards for welding instructor training, classroom curriculum, competency labs, qualification exams and digital certification issuance,” stated a press release from Lincoln Electric. “Lincoln Electric will ensure the certifications are in alignment with standards set by the American Welding Society, a recognized authority in welding education and training.”

The plan also calls for establishing a series of national-standard Lincoln Electric training centers across the country as extensions of Lincoln Electric’s Welding Technology & Training Center in Cleveland.

In addition to Lincoln Electric, NC3’s industry partners include dozens of companies in a wide variety of industries, including Snap-On, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, 3M, Festo and Trane.

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