Legacy Classic Trucks Introduces 1947 Power Wagon RestoMod

For its latest Power Wagon build, Legacy Classic Trucks designed a truck that features old school charm while offering a modern 4BT Cummins-powered engine alongside an array of modern upgrades added to the 1947 rig.

“The classic Power Wagons are absolute smile magnets when people see them. This is the truck that helped build all the bridges, dams and roads out West that everyone road trips across during the summertime,” Legacy Classic Trucks founder Winslow Bent said. “But the best part about a Legacy Power Wagon is that drivers can enjoy all the awesomeness of a classic restoration without any of the hassles. Our latest Power Wagon build is made in a way that driving this truck on the street, highway, or off-road is no problem at all. This is a truck that can do it all.”

Legacy Classic Trucks outfitted the 1947 Power Wagon with a 4BT Cummins diesel engine running with compound turbo chargers and oversized injectors, making this engine capable of 250 horsepower and 600 lbs. of torque with little to no turbo lag. In addition, the Legacy Power Wagon also comes with a NV 4500 5-speed manual transmission, corporate 14 bolt axles, an ARB air compressor and two high-powered truck batteries.

All new performance upgrades are designed to allow the Legacy Power Wagon to cruise comfortably on modern highways at 80 mph with more than enough torque for industrial grade hauling and towing, the builders said.

Although Legacy Classic Trucks made sure to extensively modify everything underneath the rig, Bent made sure that aesthetically the bulk of the truck remained true to its original roots and feel from the 1940’s, the designer said. Inside the cab, the switches on the dashboard are all sealed carline marine rocker switches. Throughout the floor of the cab are levers that stick up directly from the floorboards, which Legacy opted to preserve to keep the heritage of the truck intact. The 1947 Power Wagon also features a nine-foot truck bed.

To learn more about the build and watch Legacy Classic Trucks Founder test drive the rig, visit Legacy Classic Trucks’ new YouTube Channel This Old Truck.

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