LEED Brakes Announces Retirement of Sales Manager Pat Infantino

George Eckford will become LEED's wholesale sales manager...

LEED Brakes announces the retirement of Pat Infantino on April 5. The sales leader dedicated 36 years to the industry.

“Pat’s contributions have been instrumental in growing the LEED Brakes brand and partnerships, solidifying his position as a legend within the organization,” the company stated in a press release.

To carry the torch forward, LEED Brakes introduces George Eckford as its wholesale sales manager. Eckford brings hands-on automotive and wholesale sales experience, ensuring a smooth transition and continued momentum.

LEED Brakes Announces Retirement of Sales Manager Pat Infantino | THE SHOP

“We are very excited to welcome George Eckford to the LEED Brakes team. He brings a wealth of automotive sales experience that we will be tapping into as we continue to grow. Plus, he’s a car guy, so he fits right in with all the rest of the enthusiasts at LEED Brakes,” said Infantino.

Eckford’s longtime industry experience includes a diverse combination of automotive aftermarket roles that began with hands-on technical experience as a licensed technician. His technical work led to his next job working in dealership service management at GM and Cadillac.

Eckford’s sales career began in the automotive lubricants sector with Castrol and Valvoline, followed by a 12-year span as national sales manager with GUNK and Liquid Wrench in Canada and the United States. 

He relocated to the U.S. and spent a year with Superior Lubricants in a regional industrial sales manager role before joining LEED Brakes as wholesale sales manager, and is an avid car, motorcycle and boating enthusiast.

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