Large Chrysler Dealer to Utilize Online Buying Platform

Dave Smith Motors, a Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep dealer,  is partnering with national marketplace Joydrive to offer consumers a platform to purchase vehicle online with no dealership visit necessary.

Customers who purchase vehicles online from dealers using Joydrive can complete their entire transaction online-from trade-in to financing, they get their car delivered to their door. A five-day return period is built into the deal to ensure the consumer is happy with the purchase.

Dave Smith Motors joins a rapidly growing list of large dealers around the country, according to Joydrive. The online platform’s roster of dealers has grown in nine months from a single dealership to more than 50 across the country, according to Joydrive.

“The news comes as two broad movements promise to re-shape the business of selling cars: Consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional dealership visits; (and) consumers are increasingly attracted to frictionless online buying options,” Joydrive stated in a news release.

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