Large Automotive Display Receives CES 2024 Innovation Award

LG Display’s 57-inch Pillar-to-Pillar (P2P) LCD covers the entire dashboard…

Auto display technology company LG Display received an Innovation Award for its ultra-large automotive display solutions at CES 2024.

At its dedicated booth for automotive displays at the event, held Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas, LG Display unveiled what it calls the world’s largest automotive display—the 57-inch Pillar-to-Pillar (P2P) LCD—and largest slidable panel—the 32-inch Slidable OLED—for the first time.

Three concept cars equipped with automotive display solutions optimized for each stage of the development of Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) were showcased in the booth. The stages are called Shift, Evolution and Beyond.

The ultra-large display solutions designed for SDVs are characterized by “screenification,” a concept that denotes the recent increase in the size and number of automotive displays that enable drivers and passengers to control a multitude of functions.

The 57-inch Pillar-to-Pillar LCD covers the entire dashboard from the driver’s seat to the front passenger’s seat.

“With its ultra-large size, high-definition picture quality, reliability, durability and exceptional design, the 57-inch P2P LCD has been recognized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) with a CES 2024 Innovation Award for offering new mobility experiences for passengers,” the company stated.

Featuring a maximum curvature of 3,500R (or a curvature radius of 3,500mm), the 57-inch P2P LCD provides various driving information, climate controls, and other vehicle information at a glance and allows passengers to enjoy various content, such as movies or games, in high definition with touch responsiveness thanks to LG Display’s proprietary In-Cell Touch technology.

The 32-inch Slidable OLED hides in the ceiling and can be extended downward to form a large interior screen. With a maximum curvature of 30R (or a curvature radius of 30mm), its slim design doesn’t require much space even when rolled up, providing maximum space efficiency in the limited confines of a vehicle.

When in use, the 32-inch Slidable OLED delivers a QHD (2560×1440) resolution to increase immersion as well as high-sensitivity touch features for enhanced gaming, video conferences and more.

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