Motor State Distributing/Lane Automotive Unveils Exotec Skypod Robotic System

Plans to increase output by 600% with warehouse transformation…

Robotic solutions company Exotec has announced that Motor State Distributing/Lane Automotive, an aftermarket racing and high-performance automotive parts warehouse distributor, has completed installation of the Exotec Skypod system to help transform and further automate distribution operations in North America.

The system has been operating since December and was integrated by Conveyco and Exotec, the companies announced in a press release.

Motor State Distributing/Lane Automotive Unveils Exotec Skypod Robotic System | THE SHOP

“As a company that is steadfast in its passion for its customers’ success and products we distribute, we had to identify the right partners that could easily integrate with our existing automation and distribution ecosystem to help transform our operations,” said David Meadow, CIO, Motor State Distributing/Lane Automotive. “Exotec and Conveyco were key partners in our distribution automation journey. With Exotec’s Skypod system at the core, we were able to easily integrate additional automation technologies to fully maximize efficiency and throughput.”

Motor State Distributing/Lane Automotive consistently races against carrier deadlines to fulfill time-sensitive customer orders—many of which are just ahead of special events and race/competition weekends, officials noted.

“The seasonal nature of our business sees its peaks between March and June and, prior to Exotec and Conveyco’s complementary automation solutions, this volume could stress our operational capacity,” said James MacEachern, COO, Motor State Distributing/Lane Automotive.

The company carries a large selection of more than 660 automotive and performance brands, stocking over 100,000 specialty parts in its Southwest Michigan facility alone.

“Our project with Lane Automotive showcases the potential of warehouse robotics in revolutionizing logistics operations swiftly and efficiently,” said Stanislas Normand, managing director of Exotec, North America. “Having Lane Automotive trust in our solutions is a significant testament to our ability to support their exceptional 60-year legacy of serving the racing community.”

Motor State Distributing/Lane Automotive chose to deploy Exotec robotics to manage inventory and improve the speed and accuracy of its pick, pack and ship operations. The company deployed 62 robots, five picking stations and 59,600 storage bins in its Southwest Michigan distribution center.

The facility expects a sixfold increase in throughput and faster turnaround times, officials stated.

Exotec’s Skypod system is an automated goods-to-person solution using robots able to reach a height of 39 feet, allowing high-density inventory storage. The system helps automate physically intensive tasks and reduces order fulfillment time.

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