Laguna Seca Settles Lawsuit

The settlement laid out long-term sound assessment plans to keep the track quiet for neighbors...

The County of Monterey Department of Public Works, Facilities, and Parks and Friends of Laguna Seca (FLS) announce the execution of a comprehensive settlement that ends the Laguna Seca Raceway lawsuit, Highway 68 Coalition vs. County of Monterey.

“We view this as a favorable resolution for the County and its long-term partner at Laguna Seca, the nonprofit organization Friends of Laguna Seca,” stated Nick Pasculli, county communications director. “The future of the track and the amazing recreation area, which is a premier County Park, is bright. Laguna Seca is loved by local, national, and global car enthusiasts and also by the tens of thousands of people who enjoy the area.”

The settlement, announced in a March 22 press release, clarifies the long-term plans of FLS to conduct a previously planned sound impact assessment at the racetrack and carry out appropriate sound mitigation measures, all as part of being a good neighbor to the surrounding community.

“FLS is pleased that the litigation was dealt with quickly and we’re looking forward to our next steps toward Laguna Seca’s long-term success for the benefit of the community of Monterey County and the entire racing world,” said Friends of Laguna Seca President Ross Merrill. “We know these improvements will take time, but we are committed to ensuring the success of Laguna Seca for decades to come.”

“I grew up watching races at Laguna Seca and have raced there since the late 1970s,” said Bruce Canepa, vice president, Friends of Laguna Seca. “I have a lifetime passion for this facility and want to see it be preserved for future generations. With Friends of Laguna Seca, we’ve built a team of individuals who share the same passion, paired with business acumen, to make Laguna Seca the place we’ve always hoped it could be.”

Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca has a rich history of hosting world-class racing events and non-profit initiatives benefiting the community and driving prosperity for the region, the release noted.

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