KRUG Expedition Enters US Market With BedRock XT2 Expedition

The custom Ford F-550 offers triple axles for off-grid capabilities...

KRUG Expedition announces the arrival of the brand within the U.S. with the BedRock XT2 Expedition. The Bedrock concept was designed as the company’s most capable travel rig, leveraging more than three decades of ingenuity and design prowess to establish a go-anywhere and do-anything expedition vehicle, according to officials.

“Our team at KRUG Expedition has established a new breed of expedition vehicle. The Bedrock XT2 is the result of years of testing and customer feedback. The XT2 was specifically built with expedition travel and truck enthusiasts in mind,” comments CEO of KRUG Expedition, Slawa Knorr. “In recent years, we’ve noticed demand from the U.S. marketplace for our vehicles. The Bedrock XT2 gives us an opportunity to enter this market with a vehicle capable of transforming modern expedition.”

KRUG Expedition Enters US Market With BedRock XT2 Expedition | THE SHOP

Built on a custom AT44 XT2 Ford F-550 designed in partnership with automotive builder Arctic Trucks, the new KRUG Expedition Bedrock XT2 offers plenty of comfort and capability.

“Arctic Truck’s mission has always been to build vehicles that allow customers to explore without limits,” said Randy Hasson, COO of Arctic Trucks North America. He continued, “We see KRUG as a natural partner in building high-quality, well engineered mobility solutions.”

Sporting an 176-inch wheelbase: 263 inches in length, 95.5 inches in width and 90 inches in height and Implementing a tri-axle 6×4 drivetrain, the Bedrock XT2’s weight distribution is dramatically improved for enhanced comfort both on and off-road. The addition of the third axle decreases ground pressure by upwards of 25%, while 365/80R20 Continental multi-purpose tires provide traction in rugged terrain and smooth operation on-road. Arctic Trucks’ 8-link rear air suspension system includes independent control from inside the cab, allowing air pressure adjustments to accommodate heavy payloads and variable terrain. The rear tag axle also features OEM F-550 hydraulic disc brakes for improved control and braking distance. 

Arctic Trucks went to great lengths to re-engineer the F-550’s body and frame to minimize suspension lift, which helps to retain near-stock suspension geometry and ultra-low center mass for stability. The custom Bedrock XT2 frame features several other standard and optional features, including front and rear limited slip differentials, a semi-automatic tire inflation system and an optional central tire inflation system for adjustment inside the cab.

KRUG Expedition Enters US Market With BedRock XT2 Expedition | THE SHOP

With an array of interior options available for the Bedrock configuration, KRUG Expedition provides endless possibilities for customization for adventurers and explorers of all types. Inside, the Bedrock’s living module is designed with a modern, functional aesthetic, tailored to meet the demands of long-distance travelers. The sleeping area boasts a king-size bed, while the dinette can easily transform into an additional sleeping space. The kitchen is equipped with high-quality appliances and functional materials, ensuring that meal preparation is convenient and enjoyable.

The bathroom is equipped with a separating toilet and a full shower, supplied by a robust 118-gallon water tank. The pressurized filling system includes a sophisticated filtration system with three pre-filtering stages, activated carbon, and a fine filter capacity of up to one micron, complemented by a powerful PURION 1000 UV treatment.

The Bedrock XT2 is equipped with the Truma Combi diesel-powered air heating system ensuring a consistent and comfortable temperature inside the module. 

KRUG Expedition Enters US Market With BedRock XT2 Expedition | THE SHOP

Designed for a fully electric experience, the living module features a 1450 Wp solar panel array and a Li-Ion 23 kW / hours battery bank. This integration ensures a reliable and sustainable energy supply for all onboard systems, enhancing the overall functionality and comfort of the Bedrock XT2.

Despite being fully capable of traveling off the grid, the Bedrock XT2 offers numerous creature comforts. The module includes preparation for Starlink installation, allowing seamless connectivity from anywhere. 

While the Bedrock XT2 comes fully equipped with an array of standard features, additional customization options are available to enhance its capabilities.

Available at a starting price of $690,000, KRUG Expedition’s Bedrock XT2 truck will officially be introduced on U.S. soil on May 17th at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff. For more information on KRUG Expedition’s Bedrock XT2 and all available expedition vehicles, click here.

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