Koenigsegg Issues a Stop-Drive Order to Jesko Owners

After one of the 28 examples burned down in Greece, the brand is looking into the issue…

A recent report from Autoblog reports that Koneigsegg has issued a stop-drive order on all Jesko models. The rare hypercar has seen just 28 examples delivered to new owners. 

The issue began when a Jesko NÜR Edition in Greece suddenly caught fire on June 15, during the 6to6 Europe Tour 2024. Both the driver and passenger were able to escape the vehicle without injury, but the example did burn completely to the ground. 

Following the fire, Koenigsegg has issued a stop-drive order to all Jesko owners out of an abundance of caution while they inspect and verify the source of the fire and if it may impact other Jesko examples. See the before and after photos of the Jesko in the video below: 

Read the full report from Autoblog here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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