KMC Wheels Partners with Subaru Motorsports

KMC Wheels, the performance on and off-road wheel brand, has formed a new partnership with Subaru Motorsports USA, the company announced. Subaru’s Rally Team cars will now be equipped with new, custom wheels designed by KMC for the 2021 season.

The Rally Team vehicles will be outfitted with custom-built wheels and adorned with KMC logos and livery. Additionally, fans of the sport and Subaru team will have access to authentic branded products in official e-sports games. KMC will also offer performance cast replicas of the racing wheels to consumers in early 2022.

Travis Pastrana’s 2020 Gymkhana STI, known as the ‘Airslayer’, will utilize KMC wheels at the upcoming Mt. Washington Hillclimb, where Pastrana will attempt to best his current record at the hill climb.

“We are excited to begin working with Wheel Pros and their KMC brand,” said Bill Stokes, motorsports manager for Subaru of America. “The success of our motorsports program relies on experienced technical partners like KMC. They have a great racing heritage and impressive technical expertise that we welcome into our team going forward.”

“We’re proud to partner with Subaru Motorsports USA, and we can’t wait to see the team in action this year,” said Brian Henderson, Wheel Pros chief marketing officer.

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