King Engine Bearings Relocates North American Headquarters

King Engine Bearings has relocated of its North American headquarters to a new and larger office building & warehouse in Okner Parkway Livingston, New Jersey.

The new location enables King Engine Bearings to better meet the needs of its customers, and facilitate continued growth, according to the company.

The new headquarters results from King Engine Bearings’ sales growth during the past few years. Much of this growth comes from an increased foothold in the worldwide race market, in addition to sales expansion in OE replacement markets, according to the company.

The new facilities will serve as the base of operations for King USA executive offices as well as its sales, customer support call center, accounting departments and logistics.

“The new location will support our steady growth in demands and will enable us to store a wider range of products” Limor said. “Being a leader in the aftermarket business King has the widest range of engine bearings for most of the imported and domestic applications, new and old in different undersize options.”

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