KICKER Welcomes Aziz Masri to International Sales Team

KICKER Welcomes Aziz Masri to International Sales Team | THE SHOPKICKER has announced that longtime KICKER employee Aziz Masri has been added to the International Sales Team.

In a new initiative spearheaded by International Sales Director Chet Weddle, Masri will serve several locations on every continent KICKER serves, as will every member of the International Sales Team.

“When you interview for a position like this, you search for someone who can become the face of the company outside these walls, and do so admirably,” Weddle said. “We loved that Aziz would look at the position from a different perspective and knew he would be an immediate fit.”

“Based on this expansion, we’ve thrown a stick of dynamite at the traditional model. Instead of assigning territories to each member of the department, we are matching people to personalities,” Weddle said.

Masri has worked at KICKER for over two decades, starting in the Electronic Repair department and then transferring to Research and Development. He was then promoted to Electronic Repair Manager – a post he has held for the past 15 years.

“I have always felt that because of my overseas background, that I could do a good job in the International Sales Department,” Masri said. “I wanted to do more for this company and move to a new challenge. Working in the technical side, you are trained to look at transistors and coils. Now I look at how the product I have worked on for so long fits my customer, and how I can help make our products serve each territory. I’m very excited to start.”

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