KICKER Celebrates Employee Anniversaries

Aug 3, 2021

KICKER recently celebrated the anniversaries of 55 employees, culminating with recognition of KICKER department heads Kim Wright and Lance Noble, both of whom are starting their fourth decade with the company, the company announced.

“I’m really honored,” said KICKER founder Steve Irby. “It’s rewarding to me to know somebody wants to stay here and great to see people that are team players. I really value that.”

Held during a company-wide meeting, Irby presented the awards to each honoree. A pin with the KICKER logo was awarded for one year of service, a watch was given for three years and a ring for five years. Awards were also given to employees with 10-to-30-year anniversaries this year.

30-Year Award

  • Lance Noble
  • Kim Wright

25-Year Award

  • Calvin Alexander
  • Tammy Warren
  • Rod Goodner
  • Benny Francis

20-Year Award

  • Bill Pendleton
  • David Womack
  • Greg Dilbeck
  • Josh Fletcher
  • Michael Wolf
  • Scott Waller
  • Stephanie Surratt
  • Tim Valencia