Keystone Now Wheelin’ with FURY Off-Road

Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. has added FURY Off-Road to its wheel and tire category.

FURY is a relatively new brand in the aftermarket, established in 2017 in Coppell, Texas. The company’s tires cover a range of sizes popular among truck enthusiasts, according to the company.

“As a young brand, FURY Off-Road is noticeably in-tune with current and emerging market trends, targeting enthusiasts who seek trail blazing aftermarket products at an affordable price,” according to a Keystone press release. “With a finger on the pulse of off-road competition, FURY offers an exceptionally broad selection-all backed by a competitive four-year manufacturer’s warranty-with tread designs that marry rugged capability and on-road comfort. Through industry sponsorships and event appearances, FURY regularly connects with fans and potential customers, applying feedback to future product development and remaining one step ahead of the competition.”

FURY’s flagship offering is the brand’s Country Hunter M/T, to which it just added a second-generation tread design for enhanced off-road handling. The line is available in fitments for 17-, 18-, 20-, 22-, 24-, 26-, and 28-inches.

FURY Off-Road announced in November that it will be the first manufacturer to make an M/T tire for a 30-inch wheel.

“This company is set apart by unique sizes that push the boundaries, allowing bigger wheels on smaller lifts, such as the 33/14.50-24,” says Dan Guyer, category manager for Keystone. “FURY is going to help us serve the customers who have requested tires for 24-28 wheels.”

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