Keystone Automotive Welcomes Loctite

Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. has added the Loctite line to its speed and performance category.

Loctite for more than 50 years has addressed vehicle maintenance and repair needs with its specially-formulated adhesives, sealants and lubricants. From gasket repair to transmission maintenance and leaking exhausts, “Henkel’s Loctite branded line of adhesives and sealants provide solutions that deliver the latest patented formulations with unique package delivery systems,” according to Eastern Regional Manager John Farrand.

Loctite’s focus on quality OEM-specified products will ensure a good fit among Keystone’s supplier roster, according to Keystone Automotive Operations.

“Both Keystone and Loctite offer products that enhance a vehicle’s capability and reliability, from the street to the trail,” Farrand said. “Using genuine Loctite products to install parts and accessories distributed through Keystone will help maximize performance and dependability -¦ and provide customer satisfaction every time their products are used in the marketplace.”

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