Keystone Automotive Operations & Earl Owen Open Distribution Center

The new distribution center in Dallas will service Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana & Western Arkansas...

Keystone Automotive Operations and Earl Owen Company have announced the opening of their new distribution center in Dallas, Texas. The expansion addresses the companies’ recent growth in the area and further solidifies a commitment to serving customers and suppliers in the South-Central region that includes Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana and Western Arkansas, according to officials.

Keystone Automotive Operations operates eight distribution centers in addition to 38 cross-docks throughout North America.

“We are dedicated to maintaining the personalized service and one-on-one attention that has distinguished Earl Owen Company in the region,” said Earl Owen General Manager Trey Owen.  “The expanded inventory and enhanced delivery routes this facility will provide are examples of our commitment to raising the exceptional level of care and attention Earl Owen customers depend on every day.”

The new, 520,000-square-foot facility is strategically located to enhance Keystone and Earl Owen’s distribution capabilities while maximizing service levels for both customers and suppliers. The increased inventory capabilities and optimized delivery schedules from the Dallas distribution center will provide support to automotive aftermarket dealers and installers throughout the region.

“We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new distribution center in Dallas,” said Keystone Automotive Operations President Bill Rogers. “This new facility provides for much needed room and capability that will facilitate our continued expansion in this critical market.  All customers should see and feel the benefits.”

The Dallas distribution center will serve as a critical hub for Keystone and Earl Owen’s operations in the area.

“We are focused on increasing the support and resources to our valued customers and partners,” added Owen. “With the opening of this new distribution center, we are excited to expand our capabilities and strengthen our presence in the South-Central region. This facility underscores our ongoing commitment to driving success and growth for our suppliers and the customers we serve.”

For more information about Keystone Automotive Operations and its Dallas, Texas distribution center, click here.

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