Keystone Automotive Adds Delphi Powertrain Systems to Line Card

Keystone Automotive Adds Delphi Powertrain Systems to Line Card | THE SHOPKeystone Automotive Operations has added Delphi Powertrain Systems to its performance category, the distributor has announced. Formed in 2017 as a spin-off of Delphi Automotive, the stand-alone company develops various powertrain components and aftermarket solutions.

The company serves both OEs and the aftermarket with a product line that spans the range of propulsion and vehicle types, as well as an array of replacement parts, tools and training resources for industry professionals.

“I’m glad to say that Keystone Automotive now provides its customers with an OE supplier that has a long legacy of offering such high-quality parts,” says Dave Burke, category manager. “Delphi coverage spans many part types, from diesel to ignition and even fuel systems. Not only does Dephi cover automotive products, but also covers commercial, marine, agricultural and heavy-duty applications.”

Delphi recently announced significant expansions to its North American aftermarket product catalog, including broader offerings in fuel handling and engine management, with plans to expand steering and suspension by 2020.

Delphi carries fuel pumps, modules and hanger/sender assemblies for more than 98% of vehicles in North America. “Delphi’s fuel assemblies are designed to deliver an immediate, uninterrupted flow of fuel to the engine’s fuel rail and injectors at the specified system pressure, resulting in more efficient operation,” says the company. “Increased terminal size and enhanced connectors eliminate excessive electrical resistance, improve heat dissipation, and boost current flow capacity.”

Delphi fuel assemblies also feature integrated fuel level sensing components, fill limit vent valves, integrated pressure regulators and a patented high-efficiency turbine pump.

The company also offers a range of sensing and actuating solutions for improved emissions control, fuel economy and drivability. Products include ABS/wheel speed sensors, cam and crank position sensors, MAP, MAF and MAT sensors, knock/detonation sensors and coolant and oil temperature sensors.

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