KENWOOD Announces Rep of the Year Award Winners

KENWOOD USA announced its rep of the year awards for both individual sales reps and sales rep firms for the East, Midwest and Western territories at its recent annual rep awards ceremony, which was held virtually this year.

  • Admin Support of the Year: Katie Lopez, Momentum Marketing
  • Western Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Ryan Christie, N&S Marketing
  • Midwest Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Keith Selby, Cardinal Sales
  • Eastern Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Paul Ward, CF Marketing

Katie Lopez represents Momentum Marketing in Southwest Texas and has been a part of the company for over 10 years. “Katie is always one step ahead of the game,” stated Tim Hill, KENWOOD Midwest Regional Sales Manager. “If you’re thinking about it, Katie is already making it happen. She has a firm handle on what needs to be done, how fast it needs to be done, and how often it needs to be done.”

Ryan Christie represents N & S Marketing in the Pacific Northwest and has been a part of the company for 13 years. “With the challenges we’ve faced this year, I looked for sales reps who went above and beyond to stay connected to their dealers in deciding this award,” stated Rob Sutton, KENWOOD Western Regional Sales Manager. “I also needed someone who was able to give dealers the tough answers and still guide them through the process of getting new orders in place for allocations. Ryan Christie did all the above and then some. He stayed focused on selling KENWOOD all year, was always available to tackle issues, executed the programs, and always did a great job with following-up.”

Keith Selby has been with Cardinal Sales since 1983 and the Rep Principal since 1996. His son Max recently joined the company at the beginning of 2019. “Keith exhibits excellent customer service,” stated Tim Hill, KENWOOD Midwest Regional Sales Manager. “His dealers really enjoy working with him and his ability to follow up is impeccable! KENWOOD is lucky to have Keith representing our company in his area!”

Paul Ward has been a part of the sales team with CF Marketing for the past 18 years. “Paul’s ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time is astounding,” stated Kelly McDaniel, KENWOOD Eastern Regional Sales Manager. “He truly cares about his dealers and ensures they receive the utmost in support.”

  • Western Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Oliver Marketing South
  • Midwest Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Momentum Marketing
  • Eastern Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  CF Marketing

Oliver Marketing, covering Southern California and Arizona, was founded in 1986. “It’s been years since I managed a rep firm and lately, I’ve thought about how hard it must be on our rep firms this year,” stated Sutton. “They’ve been forced to take a group of people who are programmed to be on the road, and completely re-invent their company culture to fit within the pandemic.  All of our reps have done a great job in a difficult year, but one really stood out, Oliver Marketing South.”

Momentum Marketing has served the Southwestern market since January of 2008, covering areas such as Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. “The entire team at Momentum is excellent and always strives for nothing short of the best,” stated Hill. “With a commitment to excellence, their entire team are some of the best in the business. They communicate daily, and when there are issues, they call with solutions, not just to report a problem.”

Dominating both the Eastern Region territory awards, CF Marketing has served the Mid-Atlantic area for 21 years. “CF Marketing continues to push the limits on ensuring the needs of their dealers are always met,” stated McDaniel. “Their team communicates clearly, effectively, and timely, of which is crucial to the needs of dealers today.”

“2020 was very difficult year as it took a lot of adaptation and communication for our reps with their individual dealer bases,” stated Mike Roberts, VP of Sales & Marketing for KENWOOD.  “Emails, video conference calls, and phone calls were the new norm for many reps to stay in contact. Our entire rep force did an incredible job of adapting and helping our dealer base through busy and challenging times. This is what made selecting the award winners so difficult this year. At the end of the day, it was all about helping their dealers buy KENWOOD products through solving challenges, keeping a positive attitude, and doing the right thing. We are truly grateful to have such an incredible and committed rep force in the field.”

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