Kahn Media Launches Podcast for Entrepreneurs, Company Leaders

‘Only the Strong Survive’ focuses on thriving in a competitive business environment…

Kahn Media, a full-service public relations and integrated marketing company that serves the specialty automotive aftermarket, has launched a new podcast offering business advice for entrepreneurs and company leaders.

“Only the Strong Survive” features “raw and honest conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators on what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s ultra-competitive business environment,” the company stated in a press release.

Available on Spotify, iTunes and online, each thematic episode is hosted by Dan Kahn, Kahn Media president and CEO, interviewing engaging, knowledgeable guests who dive deeply into everything from how to navigate the constantly shifting media landscape to properly assessing risk to the role of private equity in small and mid-size businesses.

“I learned a lot of valuable lessons through my entrepreneurial journey with Kahn Media. Interacting with multiple clients daily, ranging from Fortune 50 companies to four-person startups, also gives me a unique insight into what issues businesses of all sizes currently face,” said Dan Kahn. “Through ‘Only the Strong Survive,’ I hope to share my knowledge along with unique perspectives from our guests to make us better leaders, entrepreneurs and businesspeople.”

Three episodes are currently available. In the first, Kahn explains the concept and vision behind the podcast. Next, Happy Companies CEO & Founder James Lawrence delves into the importance of taking risks and making decisions. For the third installment, automotive journalist Mike Spinelli explores the changing nature of modern media.

Future episodes will debut bi-weekly and tackle complex subjects like the pros and cons of venture capital, how direct-to-consumer sales have changed everything, and other contemporary topics.

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