K1 Technologies Inventory Transitions to Titan Motorsports

Performance connecting rods & crankshafts available for domestic & import applications…

High-performance parts manufacturer Race Winning Brands (RWB) has sold its remaining U.S. inventory of K1 Technologies products to Titan Motorsports.

K1 Technologies Inventory Transitions to Titan Motorsports | THE SHOP

K1 Technologies is a prominent supplier of automotive performance connecting rods and crankshafts serving domestic, European and sport compact markets, known for covering a wide range of applications with affordable, reliable products.

“We are thrilled to bring K1 Technologies inventory into the Titan Motorsports family,” said Baadal “Bottle” Deliwala, VP of Titan Motorsports. “K1 Technologies has established a strong reputation in the industry, and we are excited to promote the product.”

K1 Technologies Inventory Transitions to Titan Motorsports | THE SHOPA well-known name in the performance and tuning markets for more than two decades, Titan Motorsports has grown from a sport compact specialty shop to an international source for high-performance components from many industry-leading manufacturers.

Based in Orlando, the company is a natural fit to service K1 Technologies customers with a comprehensive range of inventory that will be moving to Titan’s warehouse and sales operations, officials stated.

The sale affects domestic U.S. and Canada K1 Technologies inventory only—Race Winning Brands Europe will continue servicing its K1 Technologies customers under existing operational procedures, the companies noted.

Customers are encouraged to contact Titan Motorsports at (407) 277-8423 or for new K1 order inquiries.

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