JP Gomez Wins the Nitto Tires Race of Kings 4400 Unlimited at KOH

The Gomez brothers secured their third consecutive victory in the premier event…

Nitto Tire secured a triumph at the 2024 Progressive King of The Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries. The Nitto Race of Kings took place on Feb. 3 in Johnson Valley, California.

JP Gomez emerged as the new King, seizing the crown from his brother Raul Gomez, who held the title for two consecutive years. Gomez Brothers Racing showcased its prowess by securing victory in the Nitto Race of Kings for the third consecutive win.

JP Gomez Wins the Nitto Tires Race of Kings 4400 Unlimited at KOH | THE SHOP

Notably, JP Gomez showcased skill and determination by starting from the very rear of the field, overtaking nearly 100 racers to achieve a first-place finish.

“(Nitto) Trail Grapplers not only got JP Gomez to the finish line, but propelled him past nearly the entire field of racers. His win proves the Trail Grappler’s performance and durability in the absolute roughest of circumstances,” said Nitto Tire’s Light Truck and Off-Road Brand Manager Chris Corbett.

Nitto Tire continues to dominate the ULTRA4 racing and off-road enthusiast markets, with a legacy of success and a commitment to delivering high-quality tires that excel in every condition, the company stated in a press release announcing the win.

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