JohnDow Donates Vehicle Fire Blanket to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

New product designed to help extinguish EV blazes...

JohnDow Industries donated a Vehicle Fire Blanket to the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue department during the 2023 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas.

The Vehicle Fire Blanket is part of JDI’s new product line of electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid service and safety products, the company announced.

“When we were introducing our new line of EV and Hybrid Service and Safety products, we soon realized the first hands we wanted to get our Vehicle Fire Blanket into were those of first responders. It made sense to provide LVFR with the first one as we launched our new product line at AAPEX this year,” said Robert Christy, president of JDI. “We’ve learned a lot from firefighters on how they are managing the complexities of EV fires, and we plan on incorporating this information with our products for the independent repair shops who will repair these vehicles in the future.”

Lithium-ion battery fires cannot be extinguished using traditional fire extinguishing methods. JDI’s Vehicle Fire Blanket suppresses vehicle fires and prevents fire from spreading and damaging nearby property, the company said, while containing toxic fumes and smoke from releasing into surrounding areas.

With increased usage and presence of electric and hybrid vehicles in the Las Vegas area, JDI’s Vehicle Fire Blanket will assist LVFR in suppressing an EV or hybrid vehicle fire in an emergency situation, the department said.

The approximate value of the blanket is around $3,000, the company said.

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