JL Audio to Create Display Sound Stages for Retail Showrooms

The JL Audio Extreme sound stageJL Audio has partnered with AVIDWORX Productions to create a series of dedicated in-store displays for authorized dealers. The displays will showcase and demonstrate JL Audio’s automotive, powersports and marine audio products.

“We are excited to be able to offer this program to our customers, and to work with one of the most innovative brands in the industry,” said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX. “We know customers are going to love the educational and interactive experience, and that retailers will appreciate a modular approach that makes it easy to update the showcase over time.”

AVIDWORX has integrated switching capabilities into the displays, which are available in several configurations, including: The JL Audio Extreme, the M3-7 Sound Stage, the M3-5 Sound Stage, and the M3-3 Sound Stage.

“The most important part of any emotional purchase is the demonstration experience,” said Carl Kennedy, vice president of sales for JL Audio. “Attractive, high-performance displays like these great new designs from AVIDWORX do precisely this. By partnering with AVIDWORX, we are able to bring this great resource to our retail partners to help them-sell great audio.”

More information on the displays and program are available at

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