JE Pistons Identifies Best Engines on Display at SEMA

The Masters of Motors award by JE Pistons was awarded to Joe Schubeck during the SEMA Show. It was the first time the award was handed out.

“The first-ever Masters of Motors award was a resounding success and took the 2018 SEMA show by storm. JE Pistons, with the help of the best motor-minded judges in the industry, recognized engine builders’ hard work, creativity, and commitment to combustion on a national stage,” JE Pistons stated in a news release.

Judges for the Masters of Motors contest included David Freiburger, Brian Lohnes, Steve Brulé, and Mike Kojima. They scoured the show floor and selected the best engines in attendance rewarding them with billet-machined trophies and product certificates.

JE Pistons handed out other Masters of Motors awards to other engines at the SEMA Show as well, including:

  • Engine-uity Award: Joe Schubeck, Quad-cam 904ci Hemi
  • Sport Compact: Stephan Papadakis 1,000 horsepower, Toyota 2AR Drift Engine
  • European: Mike Weiss Turbocharged Mercedes AMG V-8 Drag Radial Engine
  • Domestic: Matt and Shane Corish V-12 LS Engine
  • Race Engine: Megan Meyer, NA, A Fuel (Nitro) Hemi
  • Nostalgia: Andy Leach, Ardun-Headed Flat Head
  • Power Adder: Tom Nelson, Twin-turbocharged LS Engine

The Masters of Motors awards will return for the upcoming PRI show, with judging beginning on Dec. 6. Engines must be in attendance to participate.

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