J.D. Power and HARMAN Leverage Data for Connected Driving

J.D. Power and HARMAN have formed an alliance that the companies said will significantly influence the automotive industry’s use of vehicle data to enrich the customer experience, solve problems more effectively and help identify what consumers want from their increasingly automated vehicles.

Integrating customer insights with connected car data to provide OEMs with more accurate feedback from owners is the shared goal of J.D. Power and HARMAN International. Now, J.D. Power will work with HARMAN to go beyond measuring consumer insights to help automakers around the world better measure and understand how their evolving products are satisfying customer needs, according to the company.

“Having been on the OEM side for most of my career, I know the industry has been looking for this kind of solution for a long time,” said Doug Betts, senior vice president of Global Automotive at J.D. Power. “It was easy to dream, but getting it done takes a skill set that no single company has. The alliance of our two companies can credibly deliver the dream of merging consumer and vehicle data to provide a clear view of cause and effect.”

HARMAN Ignite, an  automotive cloud solution, enables a unique view into driver usage patterns. When combined with J.D. Power consumer data, HARMAN Ignite will provide functional-level insights into how consumers are interacting with the systems and what they may want from the in-car experience, according to J.D Power. With this service, OEMs and suppliers can identify areas that can be improved and ultimately bring desired features and functions to market faster.

“J.D. Power has the most thorough understanding of automotive consumer satisfaction of any company in the industry,” said Sanjay Dhawan, president of HARMAN Connected Services & HARMAN chief technology officer. “With HARMAN’s connected car, software and integration expertise, we are set to realize the exciting potential of connected cars, including enhanced safety, greater performance and more immersive and personalized experiences.”

In cooperation with OEMs, data only will be collected from consumers who opt in to share their data. This data will be anonymized and aggregated to protect consumer privacy, according to the companies.

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