Italian Car Maker Debuts New Soft Top Material

A leader in the motorcycle protective gear category has collaborated with Italian car manufacturer Pagani Automobili on a new soft top fabric. Dainese was charged with creating an innovative new soft top material for Pagani’s roadster models, called Pagani Fabric.

Dainese made its research and development department available to the car maker with the aim of identifying and creating the best possible materials for the fabric and structural parts to create a sophisticated technical solution for cars such as the Pagani Huayra Roadster.

Inspired by the first flying machines designed by Da Vinci, the Ornitottero, and by certain well-known, contemporary architectonic and engineering works, the soft top is a combination of High Elastic Modulus Carbon Fiber components developed by Pagani and technical fabric developed by Dainese.

The Pagani Fabric and the structure are the result of a joint development by Dainese and Pagani.

Dainese’s extensive know-how in the world of technical fabrics enabled the creation of an innovative material made up of different layers of refined material and waterproofed using technology specially developed by the Vicenza-based firm’s R&D department, according to the company. The aim was to achieve the right balance between flexibility and resistance across every single zone.

As the soft top is closed, predetermined folding areas allow the fabric to follow the folds of the structure like origami. This system ensures the durability of the fabric over time and reduces the amount of storage space needed in the car to a minimum. The soft top equipped on the Huayra Roadster offers both a comfortable driving experience and a one-of-a-kind look.

“The soft top was conceived as a lightweight, resistant tensostructure, in which every single element contributes to carrying out the overall function through tension,” said Horacio Pagani, chief designer at Pagani Automobili.

The new soft top Pagani Huayra Roadster debuted at the Gevenia International Motor Show on March 8th.

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