Irwindale Dragstrip Adds Burn-Out Box

The Irwindale Dragstrip on Thursday night (April 12) launched its new Burn-Out Xperience event. The Irwindale, California-based dragstrip hopes the event helps to remove illegal racing from the streets.

“Over the years we’ve been told by many of our friends and partners in law enforcement that our efforts do make a difference on the streets and that’s why we just last week opened what we think may be the first-ever organized, legal burn-out/donut box in the country,” the track stated in a new release. “This is a sideshow that’s safe and sizzling.”

Irwindale holds events every Thursday night.

“With all of the news coverage of illegal street racing we want to make sure that everyone in the media understands that Irwindale Dragstrip has been offering an alternative to that often deadly activity since 2001; and have literally seen thousands of individuals-drivers, passengers, and spectators-enjoy spirited car/speed events in comfort and safety,” according to the track. “And the same goes for the tens of thousands of fans who’ve cheered them all on from the sidelines.”

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