Inverted Unveils Electric FJ40 Land Cruiser

The electric conversion company offers 53kWh battery packs with a total range of 150 miles...

Inverted introduces a new entry into its collection of electric-powered vintage vehicles with custom 40 Series (J40) Land Cruisers. Seamlessly integrating custom 53kWh battery packs, Inverted’s comprehensive EV engineering program is available via any of the vintage Land Cruiser variants, including the FJ40 short wheelbase, FJ43 middle wheel base, and FJ45 long wheel base.

Inverted meticulously strips the vintage bodies and chassis down to bare metal, ensuring that each Land Cruiser that leaves production is in concours condition. Through its comprehensive top-down restoration process, Inverted redesigns each vintage Land Cruiser to meet the exacting preferences of each client, consulting on every detail, ensuring each vehicle is uniquely made inside and out.

Inverted Unveils Electric FJ40 Land Cruiser | THE SHOP

“The people who order these vehicles will have their own vision of what they want, whether they want to jack it up and put some big wheels on it or keep it close to original. The beauty of this is you can have a short wheelbase, long wheelbase or one in between. Hard top, soft top, or a pickup truck,” comments Inverted EV Founder, Harry Millington.

Inverted transforms the classic Land Cruiser by reimagining the vehicle as an electric powered rig with a 53kWh battery pack and in base spec, a 215 bhp electric motor. Inverted carefully integrates modernized features throughout the Land Cruiser and underneath to accommodate the new power, including upgraded Old Man Emu suspension and front and rear disk brakes to provide plenty of stopping power to match performance (choice of Toyota or Wilwood brakes). 

Inverted caters to a worldwide clientele by offering the capability to configure FJ models for both left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) markets, ensuring compatibility globally.

Inverted Unveils Electric FJ40 Land Cruiser | THE SHOP

For convenience, Inverted custom Land Cruisers are fitted with CCS rapid charging ports with up to 75kW capability, allowing for 20% to 80% charging in about 25 minutes, and a maximum vehicle range of up to 150 miles. The original transmission now hosts an electric motor, boosting output to 215 horsepower with over 250 lb-ft of torque. Retaining the original transmission allows the gear shift to remain fully functional, but with a notable enhancement from Inverted being that the FJ can smoothly start in any gear, with varying levels of torque, courtesy of the electric motor. This new Inverted system preserves the original’s robust off-road capabilities with clients effortlessly being able to switch between 4WD and 2WD modes and if specified, an electrically operated locking diff, maintaining the vehicle’s versatility while creating a more convenient, responsive driving experience.

Interior cabins from seating to door cards are finished with Bridge of Weir leather from the Scottish Leather Group along with custom center consoles and floor mats. Modern amenities include Apple CarPlay, a powerful HI-FI sound system, LED lights, rear view reverse camera, and electric air conditioning. 

Inverted Unveils Electric FJ40 Land Cruiser | THE SHOP

Additionally, clients can select roll cage configurations and canvas colors to further customize their vehicle to their preferences. Should customers want more performance out of their build, Inverted can uprate the electric motor to a direct drive Tesla motor producing 320 bhp and c. 310 ft-lb of torque. As part of this upgrade, the original transmission is removed but off-road capabilities are retained with permanent 4WD.

The electrified Inverted FJ40, FJ43, and FJ45 restoration programs start at £195,000 + VAT / $244,000 (+ VAT). Inverted takes an engineering-first approach to each build and prioritizes clients’ individual preferences.

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