International Energy Forum Releases EV Report

The IEF is pushing lawmakers & manufacturers to reconsider a full-electric lineup by 2035...

According to a new report from Road & Track and the International Energy Forum, current copper mining rates cannot keep up with electric vehicle manufacturing expectations. 

The report notes to meet fully domestic electric sales goals by 2035, worldwide copper mining rates would need to increase by 115%. 

Over 200 copper mines have been discovered since 1990, but only 16 of them have become commercially viable and properly permitted. The report notes that manufacturing an EV requires 132 pounds of copper, whereas a gas-equivalent model would require only around 52 pounds of copper to be produced.

The report also pushes lawmakers and manufacturers to consider a fully hybrid lineup in 2035 rather than fully electric. This change would not be the greenest possible solution, but would be much more resource-realistic according to the IEF.

Read the full report from Road & Track here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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