Interactive Garage Receives Trademark Protection

The developer of Interactive Garage recently received registered trademark status to protect the brand. RCH Designs developed the “try it before you buy it” internet based sales software, called Interactive Garage.

The Interactive Garage registered trademark covers Class 42 for software as a service. The software provides visualization and customization of vehicles with aftermarket accessories and products. The software has the ability to facilitate e-commerce and online product ordering, according to RCH Designs.

“We felt the hard work and dedication of our team and our company’s reputation was something worth protecting and wanted to prevent any confusion in the marketplace. And just like anything worth protecting, we will do so in this space to the fullest extent as there are a lot of me too companies in the configurator space popping up day after day,” said Ryan Hagel, owner and founder of RCH Designs. “This trademark solidifies our place in what we do at Interactive Garage and more importantly what we do in the automotive accessory industry.”

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