INFINITI Reveals 2025 QX80 Atop a Manhattan Skyscraper

The SUV was unveiled on the highest outdoor skydeck in the Western hemisphere...

INFINITI revealed its all-new 2025 INFINITI QX80 at Edge in Hudson Yards, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western hemisphere. Getting the full-size luxury SUV onto Edge took 40 days, 4,300 man hours and nearly 100 elevator trips to execute.

INFINITI disassembled the vehicle into thousands of pieces, removed the engine and fuel systems and precision-cut them into pieces – then reassembled the all-new QX80 on the sky deck. The feat required reverse-engineering the electrical system to power the interior, including seats, lighting and the Klipsch audio system.

The end product was so well-executed, even INFINITI’s head designer couldn’t tell the QX80 had been taken apart, according tot he company.

Hundreds of team members were involved in the development, planning and execution, including agency partners from GLS Worldwide and PublicisQ.

INFINITI’s all-new flagship will reach retailers later this summer. Visit

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