‘Import Versus Domestic’ World Cup Draws Large Online Viewership

With over 1.6 million views, SpeedVideo’s live broadcast of World Cup Finals-Import vs. Domestic takes position as one of the company’s largest live streams yet.

SpeedVideo Live! is a leader in online drag racing broadcasting. The company partners with events like the World Cup Finals to bring HD quality live streaming to viewers all over the world.

“The worldwide recognition of this this event was outstanding,” said Tom Bobolts, SpeedVideo general manager. “While the North American audience definitely provided the majority of the views, we had viewers from over 100 different countries focusing their attention on our broadcast, and the Miller Brothers made sure what they saw didn’t disappoint. It was great to bring this unique event to so many people worldwide.”

Drag racing fans from across the world watched the live stream on a plethora of devices. On top of the views racked up on, additional views were collected thanks to Facebook Live, with over 47 thousand shares and 1.2 million videos watched on the social platform.

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