ILSAC Requests Development of New Motor Oil Category

ILSAC Requests Development of New Motor Oil Category | THE SHOPThe International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) has requested that a new gasoline engine oil specification be developed, the American Petroleum Institute (API) announced.

The request was sent to the co-chairs of the Auto/Oil Advisory Panel (AOAP) and the chair of the API Lubricants Standards Group. The AOAP will begin the evaluation process of the specification, expected to be called ILSAC GF-7, which would replace the current GF-6 specification. The request states a desired first-licensing date from API of no later than the end of Q2 2028, the organization said.

The new specification is being requested with the following improvements, according to the ILSAC:

  • Replacement Sequence V & VI engine tests
    • The Sequence V sludge test has been using the same engine since GF-4. The engine components are in short supply, and there is a need to update the test procedure to better reflect current engine platforms. The Sequence VIE/F Fuel Economy tests also require an updated engine platform.
  • Improvement to Sequence IIIH – Oxidation and deposits test
    • Increased oxidation protection
  • Resolution of Sequence VIII – Corrosion test
    • Evaluate the test for possible removal
  • Review of Sequence IX – Low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) test
    • Review due to potential end of component life
    • Introduce a stand-alone Aged Oil LSPI Test to ensure mitigation of pre-ignition throughout the drain interval
  • Review of Sequence X – Chain wear test
    • Review due to potential end of component life
  • Seal Test changes
    • Keep/replace/add new seals
  • New/modified Bench Tests
    • NOACK Volatility (ASTM D5800)
    • Oil gelation/filterability (ASTM D6795)
    • Sulphated Ash (ASTM D129 (was D874))

According to the organizations, goals for the new specification, include:

  • Maintain backwards compatibility
  • Evaluate ethanol fuel impact on tests
  • Inclusion of 0W-12/0W-8 Low Viscosity Oils-(0W-12/0W-8)
  • Protect for future EPA/CARB requirements

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