Hypertherm Employees Volunteer 25,600 Hours in 2017

Hypertherm in 2017 gave its associates eight additional paid time off hours to volunteer, for a grand total of 32 hours per employee. That resulted in company associates serving a combined 25,601 hours in 20 countries.

Volunteer work completed by Hypertherm associates included the distribution of food to 2,925 families and 348 shelter residents, the maintenance of 59 miles of walking and hiking trails, the collection and distribution of toys for 397 children, and the walking or cycling of 2,010 miles for cancer research.

In total, the number of hours served since the program’s inception nearly 15 years ago stands at 138,949 hours.

In addition to its volunteer program, Hypertherm provided support to nonprofit groups through its HOPE (Hypertherm Owners’ Philanthropic Endeavors) Foundation. The foundation continues to support organizations in five focus areas: health and wellness, education, food and shelter, STEM, and the environment.

SHAPE for STEM specifically exposed more than 600 students to STEM through educational tours, job shadows, internships, and hands-on workshops, according to Hypertherm. The second initiative-launched in response to a substance use disorder (SUD) crisis impacting the country-funded programs in support of drug education, awareness, and sustained recovery.

Hypertherm in 2017 also helped to divert 98.2 percent of its waste from landfills, recording its best year of operational energy efficiency since 2010, and decreasing its water usage and logistics footprint.

The company reports progress on environmental goals tied to its products through continued engineering efficiencies. For example, its newest plasma system, the XPR300, cuts 14-percent faster with a 62-percent higher power to weight ratio than its predecessor, according to the company. In addition, the system is 99.5-percent recyclable and shipped in 100-percent recyclable packaging.

Hypertherm is a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software.

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