Hypertherm Associates Partners With Rapyuta Robotics

The Pick Assist AMRs will assist employees in Hypertherm warehouses...

 Hypertherm Associates has partnered with Rapyuta Robotics, a leading provider of autonomous mobile robot solutions, to become the company’s first customer in the United States to implement the revolutionary pick assist autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in its warehousing operation.

“We are continuously looking for ways to create a safer, more efficient and streamlined operation, and the team at Rapyuta Robotics worked with us to create a solution for us to do that,” said Frank Cook, Hypertherm Associates warehouse operations leader. “The team took the time to understand our needs and helped us every step of the way to implement the solution that worked for us.”

Hypertherm Associates Partners With Rapyuta Robotics | THE SHOP

The pick assist AMRs allow Hypertherm Associates to automate warehousing and empower its associates in a sustainable manner. Rapyuta Robotics’ Pick Assist AMRs combine technologies such as optimal route planning with multi-robot coordination AI, picker guidance system and fleet management. The pick assist AMRs perform picking in collaboration with warehouse associates. AI suggests the shortest picking routes and handles the transportation of items.

“Our collaborative robot is a perfect fit with Hypertherm Associates’ corporate culture to make the company a safe and efficient place to work. By leveraging our pick assist AMRs, Hypertherm Associates will increase throughput/productivity and gain the opportunity to identify the new way of structuring its operation with robots.” said Ryo Mori, executive director at Rapyuta Robotics.

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