Hypercraft, Geiser Brothers Partner on Electric Desert Race Truck Development

Hypercraft and Geiser Brothers have formed a partnership to develop an EV desert race truck to compete against internal combustion engines in long distance desert races, the organizations announced. The 1,600-horsepower race truck is featured in the North Hall at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

“Geiser Brothers has been building and innovating off-road racing trucks for two decades, and electrification is the logical next step for our company,” said Rick Geiser, founder and CEO of the Arizona-based manufacturer. “With more desert racing truck wins than all other builders combined, we felt it was important to work with a company who is unafraid to take bold steps into the future. That is why we’ve partnered with Hypercraft.”

“EV propulsion offers many benefits that make the race truck experience much safer, quieter and more cost efficient with fewer moving parts and greater reliability,” said Jake Hawksworth, founder and CEO of Hypercraft. “Many people are excited about EV performance, but the public wants to see that high performance applications are reliable, have the endurance, and are widely available to builders, innovators, and specialty manufacturers like Geiser Brothers. Hypercraft is here to show that the technology is available now. We are excited to play a significant role in changing consumer perceptions and providing EV accessibility to everyone.”

Hypercraft projects the full release of their electric propulsion system by February 2022. The SEMA Show is one of only two venues to get an early look at the product before official launch, the company said.

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