Hy-Tech Engineered Solutions Acquires Jackson Gear Company

Hy-Tech Engineered Solutions Acquires Jackson Gear Company | THE SHOPHy-Tech Engineered Solutions and Power Transmission Group, PTG, have acquired Jackson Gear Company of Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, which specializes in the engineering, manufacture and sales of larger gears and shafts, the company announced.

The company expects the addition to double PTG’s capacity in overall production, as it broadens existing product lines, deepens engineering expertise and improves lead times, Hy-Techa and PTG representatives said.

“The ability to provide gears and spur gears up to 72-inch Maximum Pitch Diameter will be a huge benefit,” said Doug Ciabotti, Hy-Tech’s president. “Aside from the advantages this brings to new and existing customers in terms of larger gear product availability and additional gear and shaft design engineering know-how, customers can expect it to help address issues of cost and supply chain problems across the board.”

“Once again, we’ve expanded our abilities to address complex gearing challenges – in this case for larger gear applications – which have traditionally been difficult to design and manufacture. Combined with even larger, dedicated production capacity for rush and breakdown requirements, as well as ‘one-off’ special orders, the Jackson acquisition further cements our reputation as the go-to provider of complete gear solutions,” said Patrick Curry, vice president and general manager of PTG. “Bringing Jackson Gear into the fold gives us more resources to address the needs of dozens of industries – including mining, material handling and power transmission – for highly engineered gearing, design consultation and reverse engineering.”

From gear rating assistance to comprehensive CAD and CAM programs for engineering new or modifying existing products, Jackson Gear brings over 80 years of manufacturing experience to the Hy-Tech family of companies, the company said. Specifically, in product lines including worm gears, sprockets, bevel gears, internal gears, spur gears, helical gears, worm shafts, pinion shafts, helical shafts and spline shafts.

Jackson Gear joins Hy-Tech’s current brands Quality Gear, Blaz-Man Gear and Gear Products under the PTG banner, as well as the existing Hy-Tech brands: ATP Tools, Parts and Sockets, Thaxton and NUMATX.

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