HushMat Modifies 2018 MAP Policy

HushMat modified its Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy under the company’s 2018 terms and conditions of sale. The company’s MAP is now 25 percent off of MSRP, according to HushMat.

“We have made great strides to significantly reduce the list of MAP violators,” according to an email from HushMat to its dealers.

HushMat also identified a list of companies in violation of its MAP terms.

“If you are currently selling to any of these accounts directly, it is your responsibility to ensure that our MAP policy is adhered to as suppliers of these outlets. We will notify any account that we determine is in violation of our policy. We have and will continue to take any action within our power to stop this practice of non-compliance to our MAP policy,” according to the company.

HushMat alleges that these companies are in violation of its MAP policy:

  • Amazon
  • AVSoundz (New York)
  • Audio Savings (eBay reseller)
  • Retail Defined (Amazon Marketplace reseller)
  • Central Buys (Connecticut)
  • Import Replacement Parts/IR Parts (Bothwell, Washington)
  • Woofers ETC (Los Angeles)
  • Warehouse Reserve (Amazon reseller buying from WD’s)
  • Thunder AV (Anaheim, California)
  • MDR Tuning (Augusta, Georgia)

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