Hummer EV2 Production Dropped for 2025

The new trim level would've acted as the base model Hummer EV...

The electric car market continues to experience delays as Autoblog reports that the Hummer EV2 will not be available for the 2025 model year.

Hummer EV2 Production Dropped for 2025 | THE SHOP

The EV2 was intended to be the base model Hummer would be priced at $89,995 with 250 miles of range. Autoblog and GMauthority do not state the reasoning behind the cancelation. Over the course of the year GM has produced 1,668 Hummer EV trucks. The Hummer EV had 65,000 reservations through the end of 2023, with around 3,200 examples having been delivered to customers.

The Hummer EV3X and EV2X production remains unchanged.

To read the report from Autoblog, click here.

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