HR 101: How to Produce High-Quality, Defensible Employment Documentation

Employers have many obligations to their employees today and management techniques do not always have an answer for the challenges managers and HR face. Efforts by employers to manage, even intervene and problem solve often become convoluted. Therefore, documentation might be the only factor that shows an employer in good faith tried to live up to all their legal obligations to their employees and in the case of complaints was a fair, non-discriminatory employer.

Wherever there are people, there are problems, and those problems often turn into HR compliance issues. Consequently, everyone: trainer, advisor, user and reviewer of records need to be trained in the best practices for documenting so they know how to document, when, what, how, and why to document, and just as importantly, how to not document.

What an employer does document, what it does not document and the manner of use of the documentation are critical elements in determining whether their records show compliance with the law(s)-or not.

Those lessons and more will be taught by human resources expert Teri Morning on Thursday during a webinar at The webinar will start at 1 p.m. EST. and run about 60 minutes. Click for more information or to register.

Topics covered will include:

  • The elements of defensible documentation
  • The elements of employment documentation that works against the employer
  • What to document
  • How to document
  • When to document
  • What you don’t need to document
  • Understanding the crucial elements of timing, purpose and content. How they work in conjunction (or not.)
  • Retaliation – how your records often demonstrate that it occurred-even if it did not
  • How to get your managers to want to document rather than trying to force them to document
  • Examples of good documentation
  • Examples of bad documentation
  • Problematic documentation in regards to hiring, performance, training, safety, and investigations.

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