Hot Wheels Car Care Products Sponsoring Lex Joon Racing at Indy Nationals

The Hot Wheels Americana Series Premium Car Care Products will become the Official Car Care Products of the F.I.A. European Championship-winning drag racing series team Lex Joon Racing for the upcoming Dodge NHRA Indy Nationals, the team announced.

The Hot Wheels Americana Series Car Care branding will be displayed on Lex Joon’s Top Fuel dragster with the focus on the EPIC SHINE 3 Second Detailer.

“We’re excited to have AmericanaPRO Detailing Products and their Hot Wheels Americana Series Premium Car Care products join our race teams,” LJR owner Lex Joon said. “It’s a great company that makes great “Made in America” products, we can’t wait to showcase them in front of NHRA drag racing fans across the country and across the world. We’re excited to have them on board in these challenging and rough times.”

“AmericanaPRO is a company built on passion from the roots of Americana car culture and auto racing,” Daniel Pikarsky, founder & president, AmericanaPRO Detailing Products. “Drive to retail is what this experiential brand awareness partnership is about for the Hot Wheels™ Car Care Product line as we feature EPIC SHINE 3 Second Detailer & Coating with Lex Joon Racing for the upcoming NHRA Indy Nationals, Lex Joon Racing shares our commitment to excellence through our mutually beneficial retail programs for our dedicated fans, consumers, retail partners and distributors.”

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