Hot Shot’s Secret-Sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 Sets New Record

The Hot Shot’s Secret-sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 broke the world record in the qualifying round in the Radial vs. World Class at No Mercy 11, the lubricant manufacturer announced.

The event was hosted at South Georgia Motorsports Park on Oct. 17-18, with qualifiers held earlier in the week. With Larson Miller behind the wheel, the Cummins-based D&J Precision built billet diesel-powered S10 competed against the nation’s fastest gas-powered cars. Normally on a big tire, the Firepunk team had only one day of testing on a new 315 radial tire setup before setting the record with a 4.11 pass at 181 mph, making it the fastest diesel door slammer in the world.

Kyle Fischer, LSI director of branding & promotions, says, “We have high expectations to be the first diesel to run a 3-second pass, and the team at Firepunk made huge progress this past weekend on the new radial tire setup. We certainly put on a show. This truck is a big crowd pleaser and a great representative for the diesel industry. We will be back at it next year and expect more record-breaking runs.”

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