Hot Shot’s Secret Renews Title Sponsorship of Firepunk Diesel

Hot Shot’s Secret is renewing its partnership with the Firepunk Diesel race team for the 2022 season, the company announced.

The Firepunk Diesel S10 will again wear Hot Shot’s Secret’s black, chrome and green livery this season. With Larson Miller behind the wheel, the S10 pro mod powered by a D&J Precision Machine-built Cummins-based billet engine known as “The Executioner” will compete against the nation’s fastest gas-powered cars, the company said.

“We were overjoyed to announce last February that we were the first diesel to run a 3-second pass at Lights Out 12 setting the world record and making it the quickest diesel in the world. The 3-second goal has been years in the making and a result of a collaboration between the best companies in the diesel performance industry to get it done,” Kyle Fischer, Hot Shot’s Secret’s director of branding and promotions, said. “I can tell you that nobody works harder than the Firepunk Diesel team and it is simply an honor for Hot Shot’s Secret to play our part in this team effort to set the world record, and we are looking forward to watching as they set out to break it again at Lights Out 13.”

“It was so amazing to set this world record back in February of last year. A super accomplishment for our entire team with a ton of work going into it,” said Firepunk Diesel owner Lavon Miller. “Based upon what we were able to learn from our experience at Lights Out 12, we were able to determine modifications we could make with hopes of breaking our own record. We couldn’t do it without our awesome team.”

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