Hot Shot’s Secret Manufacturer Producing, Donating Hand Sanitizer

Hot Shot’s Secret Manufacturer Producing, Donating Hand Sanitizer | THE SHOPLubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret performance oils and additives and other specialty lubrication products, has announced that it is redeploying a portion of the company’s Mt. Gilead, Ohio, manufacturing facility and headquarters to make alcohol-based hand sanitizer to assist with preventative care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are now able to source what we need to manufacture hand sanitizer which meets the recommendations set by the World Health Organization. We are currently bottling the hand sanitizer and hope to start distributing it next week,” said LSI Brand Marketing Specialist, Eric Trimble. “We will be giving it away for free to our local hospital and healthcare workers, nursing facilities, over-the-road truckers and we will be placing a bottle in every shipment of Hot Shot’s Secret product we send out the door. We would also like to thank our partners for helping us make this possible, including Hildreth Manufacturing LLC. and Folks Printing.”

LSI will manufacture up to 4,500 bottles of 4 oz. hand-sanitizer over the next few weeks and will continue operations as long as supplies of raw materials are available. The hand sanitizer will be a 75% isopropyl alcohol antiseptic, non-sterile solution.

“Hand sanitizer is largely unavailable at U.S. retail outlets and has been out of reach for U.S. consumers in recent weeks as the U. S. grapples with the outbreak of the Coronavirus strain Covid-19,” said company founder Chris Gabrelcik. “This is an unprecedented time in healthcare with many unknowns. We knew we had to do something to help and are working diligently to modify our space to bring this much-needed product to market.”

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