Hot Shot’s Secret Expands Distribution of Anti-Gel Fuel Booster

EDT+ Winter Defense now available nationwide at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores…

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced new distribution for its EDT+ Winter Defense, a seven-in-one anti-gel fuel booster developed to keep diesel-powered vehicles operable and improve cold starts.

The product is now available in 16-ounce measurable squeeze bottles at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores nationwide.

Recipient of a MOTOR Top 20 Award in 2023 for product innovation, EDT+ Winter Defense offers the benefits of Hot Shot’s Secret’s best-selling fuel additive, Everyday Diesel Treatment, and adds anti-gel and anti-icing properties to reduce fuel line freeze-ups. It is recommended for all diesel-powered vehicles including cars, trucks, semis, vans, buses, heavy-duty vehicles and ag equipment, and will not harm after-treatment systems.

“In many parts of the country we have already seen heavy snowfall and cold temperatures. Diesel fuel is prone to wax deposits starting at 30 degrees. This product lowers the fuel gelling point while improving the fuel combustibility, resulting in easier cold starts, reduced DPF regens and improved fuel economy,” said Josh Steinmetz, Hot Shot’s Secret brand manager. “We’re very excited to be able to announce expanded distribution with O’Reilly Auto Parts before we face the brunt of the winter season.”

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